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Argye Hillis, M.D.

Associated Investigator
E-mail: [email protected]


  • Licata A, Zhao Y, Hermann O, Hillis A, Desmond J, Onyike C, Tsapkini K. Sex differences in effects of tDCS and language treatments on brain functional connectivity in primary progressive aphasia. Neuroimage Clin, 2023; 37: 103329.
  • Breining BL, Faria AV, Tippett DC, Stockbridge MD, Meier EL, Caffo B, Hermann O, Friedman R, Meyer A, Tsapkini K, Hillis AE. Association of regional atrophy with naming decline in primary progressive aphasia. Neurology. 2022:10.1212
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  • Tsapkini K, Webster K, Ficek B, Desmond J, Onyike O, Rapp B, Frangakis C, Hillis AE. Electrical brain stimulation in different variants of primary progressive aphasia: A randomized clinical trial. Alzheimers Dement. 2018; 4: 461-472.


Primary Appointment in Neurology